Travel tips – all the steps for an easy flight journey

Because travelling can be sometimes a difficult logistic exercise, here are my travel tips to make it easier next time you fly away!

What to put in your handbag before leaving?

  • Check that your passport is still valid for more than six months.
  • Check online if a visa is required before your departure – it would be silly to be blocked at the airport on the day of departure!
  • Print your tickets in paper format – so yes, I can hear some people would say it’s a bit old school, but in the meantime, it could save you in the event of battery failure on your phone or even an internet failure!
  • Put “emergency belongings” in your cabin luggage – by that, I mean a pair of clothes to save you from the hassle in case your checked luggage is lost.
  • Upgrade your mobile with the 22 best Travel Apps to download for free
  • Don’t forget your phone charger or at least its USB cable – travellers often tend to use their phone a lot especially during trips with long stopovers.
  • An adapter can also be useful because moving to another country can sometimes involve changing the type of electrical outlet.

The essential accessories for an easy and  comfortable flight journey:

  • Put on comfortable clothes and especially flat shoes as you will maybe have to run at the airport.
  • Bring socks, a warm jacket and a scarf – I warn you, it’s going to be cold on the plane!
  • For long trips, the compression stockings really do wonders but it’s not the sexiest accessory, I grant you!
  • Cleansing wipes, moisturizer and lipstick will be your allies to fight dryness, especially for long trips with stopovers.

D-Day – it’s finally time to fly!

  • Arrive early at the airport – so you can be stressless, the hostess at the counter will be friendlier as there will be no queue, even they won’t be too careful about your suitcase weight and you will even have the opportunity to choose your seat. (if the plane is not full, you can be lucky to have 3 seats to sleep!)
  • Laminate your suitcase – for security reasons but not only, it will also protect your luggage against all the bad handlings.
  • Bring a water bottle from home, this will save you from paying 2 euros for 50cl while waiting for customs checks.
  • Buy a book at the Duty-Free, this will allow you to spend your waiting time and avoid falling for compulsive purchases! It is also a good way to create traditions: one travel = one book bought in a new country = a very nice souvenir

Healthy travel tips during your flight

  • Regularly drink water (avoid alcohol) if possible every 30 minutes, human body dries out much more with altitude – obviously, you will have to go to the toilet more often but this will allow you to deal with the following point.
  • Regular stretches and leg massages will help you to boost blood circulation.
  • Earache during the flight? The best technique is still to yawn gradually during takeoff and landing. Opening the jaw wide is the fastest and painless way to decompress the air blocked in your ears.

Reached your destination! Now, how to fight jet lag?

Minimizing your jet lag will have to be prepared in advance:

  • While booking your trip, keep in mind that reaching your destination in the afternoon/evening will be easier for your body to recover
  • You will have to adjust your bedtime a few days in advance so your biological clock will adapt slowly
  • When you reach your destination, try to stay awake until night time (at least 9 pm) so your biological clock can adjust faster

Thank you for reading this article! To complete your next adventure,  you can also read my selection “Travel & Health” which presents 3 episodes including healthy travel tips from Dr. Andrea Leschack.


Have a safe journey!

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