What are the Best Travel Apps in 2023?

Because making a travel plan can be hectic and overwhelming, I have compiled the 23 most useful mobile apps to travel in 2023! You can now easily book your trip, find the best things to do in town, plan your journey and budget, access to plenty of tools during your road-trip and share your best travel memories!

You are just a click away to download the 23 Best Travel Apps selection for 2023! (click on the link of each mobile app title to be redirected to the Google Play Store) 

Find the best deals & book your next trip

  • Rome2rio – find the best way to reach your destination

Travellers will love the Rome2rio mobile app for its simplicity and straightforward feedback. Indeed, to go from point A to B, it will find all possible transportation options (car, bus, train, boat, plane) and describe each of them with a type of transportation, timing, price range, travel map and ticket booking website.

Every traveller will tell you they are always looking for the best deal to travel to their next destination – booking a flight has never been that easy with Skyscanner mobile app! You select your destination, your travel dates, your ticket class and there you go – the best deals will appear directly! You can even use the filter option to select specific airlines, timings or price ranges – making your results even more straightforward. News – you can now book a hotel or a car via the same mobile app.

The train is one of the most eco-friendly ways to travel around Europe while enjoying the landscape. With the Trainline mobile app, you can book your next destination in a few clicks, receive your e-ticket with a QR code directly on the mobile app and enjoy the ride!

For those visiting Europe on a budget but who don’t want to compromise on comfort, travelling by bus will be a smart choice! Flixbus mobile app is very straightforward – you enter your destination, your dates of travelling, the number of passengers and it will give you the best deals available! An exploration map is also available if you want to check what are your options according to your actual location – an easy way to keep doors open to new adventures!

  • Booking – find the best hotel deals

One of the leaders in the hotel booking industry, Booking mobile app guarantee the best deals while looking for a room wherever is your destination. You only need to enter your destination, date of stay and number of travellers – Booking mobile app will show you a long list of results classified by score attributed by travellers’ reviews. You can also make your research via the map, so you can find accommodation close to touristic places. However, be aware that for some countries, the taxes are not included in the price listed.

  • Airbnb – Find the best homestay deals

Exploring a new destination can be done in many ways – did you ever consider sleeping to homestays? It is time to try! Airbnb mobile app is listing all the homestays available in your selected destination – you will need to create a profile so people can know more about you – then you just have to enter a place, your date of stay and the number of travellers. To enhance your trip, there is a new section to book a local experience proposed by hosts, a must-try if you are looking for something out of the common touristic spots! And if one day you decide to be part of the hosting community, you will only have to switch your account with a simple click.

Part of travelling is also meeting new people on the way, and why not making great friends! Couchsurfing mobile app is certainly the most generous one as it puts in touch budget travellers with local hosts so they can stay for free in their home. You will need to register your profile and then you are ready to select a place, date of stay and get in touch with the hosts in the region – a nice way to discover a new place through a genuine community of budget travellers. Couchsurfing mobile app welcomes also meetups in its Events section so you can share time and discuss common interests with the local community!

Plan your travel activities

From planning your next trip to creating a Travel Guide you can share with the community, Trotter mobile app is so far the best in its category! You will be able to list the best attractions in one place and add comments to guide you during your journey. Another great option is the download icon to be able to access all your planning offline! And if you require some help, you can always ask tips to other travellers in the newsfeed section. 

Recognized as the leader in travel reviews, Tripadvisor mobile app will be a trustable asset to plan your travels. You can easily find information and reviews about hotels, restaurants but also activities nearby your destination – a great way to make your best travel choice! You can also build a profile and begin your input into this great community by sharing pictures and reviews about the places you visited.

Because you can also relax and let the others do the job, let Get Your Guide mobile app takes care of everything! Indeed, you just enter the destination and it will find you all the best day-tour activities around at a very attractive price! You can make a wishlist and get access to your bookings directly from the mobile app. Packages often include transportation from your hotel to the touristic attractions, access to main sites with guided tours, lunch break and great fun without worries! Here is my last experience using Get Your Guide mobile app, I highly recommend!  

  • Knockk – meet new people with same interests in your location

Knockk mobile application allows you to meet friends with same interests in your location. Simply create a profile indicating your name, age, a short description and your interests. The live location feature allows you to see people connected near you, as well as their profiles, to initiate discussion. The little extra of the mobile application is the listing of upcoming events near your location, classified by point of interest.

Keep the best tools in hands during your trip

  • Maps.me – find your route even offline

When travelling to a new place, getting access to a map to orientate yourself is crucial – that’s why Maps.me mobile app will be your best ally for a new adventure. Categories are integrated so you can choose from car, bicycle or walk to access the best routes. Popular destinations will even have their own visit itinerary for sites of interest! But the best part of Maps.me mobile app is certainly its offline maps as most of travellers lack of Internet access while travelling abroad.

  • Uber – find a driver in your area

Available in big cities around the world, Uber mobile app is one of the leading transportation services. You will need to create your profile with your preference of payment, and then in just a click with your address of the destination, you can order a ride to the drivers nearby. The cost of the ride is indicated at the beginning of the trip, so you won’t have to argue with the driver about it. Also, you can follow your entire trip live via the GPS map. Uber mobile app recently added additional services such as carpool and shuttle bus, offering competitive trip cost.

Travel Spend mobile app keeps track of your travel expenses. You just need to choose your category of expenses and add the amount – it will make the calculation and even bring you statistics reports! Another good option from the app, you can even split budget with your travel buddies (only on the premium version).

Travelling to a new country often implies a change of money and let’s be honest, none of us knows the value of each currency by heart. Easy Currency Converter mobile app will be helping you make the money conversion – you just need to select the two currencies to compare! Additional information such as the currency fluctuation during a time-period to select manually is also available. 

Because travelling abroad means sometimes to be facing a language barrier, Google Translate mobile app will be your life saver as it can translate more than 100 foreign languages to your mother tongue. Very intuitive, Google Translate mobile app proposes to choose from direct writing, scanning a picture of the text you need to translate or even straight talk through the microphone. Another good thing, it keeps a list of your last researches, so you don’t have to look for it again!

Because traveling often rhymes with foreign countries, it goes without saying that the language barrier will be your first challenge when you arrive there! But don’t panic, the Duolingo mobile application is free and allows you to quickly and efficiently learn the basics of more than 37 foreign languages.

Because we are never too safe while travelling, First Aid and Emergency Techniques mobile app will be your best tool in case of emergency. Straightforward icons guide you through the different type of emergencies and give you a clear description step by step of the actions to take. 

Cherish your travel memories

  • Instagram – share your best travel memories on social media

The Instagram mobile app is one of the leading social media platforms to share your travel memories. From posts to stories, keep your followers updated with your travel journey – you can share your location and tag other Instagram accounts relative to your trip! The Instagram mobile app is also the best for travel inspiration – you can follow famous travel hashtags and get to know other travellers in their adventures around the world!

Directly connected with your mobile location and photo album, Polarsteps mobile app will be able to create beautiful road-maps and even combines information to deliver interesting travel statistics! An easy way to keep travel memories around the world – and you don’t need to do anything, the travel tracker takes care of it!

  • Fizzer – send a personalized postcard

Sending a postcard is becoming rarer nowadays, however, anyone receiving one will tell you how happy they were when reading these few words coming from the other side of the world! So let’s keep this travel tradition strong! With Fizzer mobile app, you can send your most beautiful travel memories in few clicks only – choose a theme among the + 1,000 available, add your pictures, write your message on the back with a personalized signature and your postcard is ready to go! The postcard will be sent in the next 24 hours via post office from France. The service includes the postcard printing, envelop and stamp and cost only 2.13 £ per shipment. 

  • Cheerz – print your favourite memories

After a travel adventure, we all want to share these beautiful memories! Some do it online via social media or blog, but others prefer to keep a more concrete souvenir such as a photo album, a poster or simply individual pictures! Cheerz mobile app is user-friendly and delivers excellent quality pictures. The good thing about this app, you can choose from many photo formats, letting space for your creativity! My favourite ones are the fridge magnets and the Cheerz picture boxes that you can customize.

If you would like to sump up your travel adventures, Countries Been mobile app lists all the countries in the world, you only need to select the ones you have been to and the app will colour the world map accordingly! You can even make a “wish list” for your upcoming travels!

Thank you for reading this article, I hope it will help you plan and enjoy your next travel adventure!

If you have any comment or suggestion about an interesting travel app, feel free to get in touch or write a comment below!