About me

Hello you!

My name is Carole, I like to introduce myself as an “opportunist adventurer” as I spent the last 10 years living, working and travelling abroad, following every life opportunity to get out of my comfort zone and discover the unknown far away from home.

My journey started while I studied in an International Business School in France as I had to perform internships abroad every year – so this is where my expat life began (and never stopped!). I became a passionate traveller, finding happiness in discovering new countries and different cultures, taking pictures of every single corner – I utilized my free time and savings to discover new places throughout the years. So far, my travels brought me from France to Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, Mexico, USA, Canada, Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Jordan, UAE, Australia, India and recently Egypt. 

So here comes this travel blog – part of my 2020 Travel resolutions – filled with travel memories and route tips so you can get inspired (or less scared) to prepare your next adventure!

Happy reading & see you soon on the road 🙂

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