Any resolution for 2020? Definitely, travelling more!

Ready or not, 2020 is here! Actually, it is the best time to reflect on the last decade, acknowledge all the achievements, learn from the past… but above all, it is time to plan the new year(s) to come and make the best out of it!

“If I had only one resolution to take and really stick to it this year, that would be to TRAVEL MORE!”

Why? Simply because it is the answer to many more listed as below:

  • I will share my passion

I have been delaying this travel blog for years now, being too busy working, travelling and… finding excuses! So it is time to sit and start writing – especially I have so many adventures to share with you after this last decade! It is proudly that I can say I achieved my first resolution for 2020! 

  • I will do more of what makes me happy

These last years have been a real eye-opener for me, I became aware of the deep benefits of travelling and living abroad – discovering the unknown, feeling free and independent, meeting new people, experiencing a new way of living – it led me to find inner peace and happiness through self-development. So well, that the more I travelled, the more it became addictive – to the point I was just reaching home, my luggage still packed, however, I was already on Skyscanner booking my next destination!

  • I will spend more quality time with people I love

Travelling abroad, it is also creating bonds and memories with special people over the years, and even if life makes us take different roads, friendship remains strong and alive. That’s why, I decided to put my friends as my priority destination this year – letting the choice among all the continents!

  • I will adopt an animal

I don’t know yet where I will end up this year, but surely I want to start this new decade with good action for a fur friend in need. Animals are often forgotten but some of them need a new start too!

  • I will prioritize an international job

We can always see the glass half-full or half-empty. I like to think that entering 2020 jobless was a great opportunity for my future – I have deployed more energy to get what I really want and set new goals to improve my professional skills and develop my career! I am more than ready for a new challenge with an international company!

  • I will step out of my comfort zone and embrace the change

Because great things never happen in comfort zone, I will push myself to get more curious and experience the unknown. Every destination comes with its differences, I will keep in mind that embracing the change is the easiest way to adapt to any situation. 

  • I won’t let any place for “what if?” 

Life is too short to have regrets – I will give my best, be persistent, and never give up to get what I want. I won’t let fear block my way to achieve my dreams, and if an opportunity arises, “yes” will be the answer!

  • I will make a 10 years life-plan

I have never been the kind of person who plans things in advance as anyway it always turns to be so different! However, experiences made me realize that it is impossible to achieve goals if we do not set them first. Let’s set SMART goals for 2020 – Smart, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-bound. Anyways, time will fly so better have a plan to stick to and let’s talk about the results in 2030!

  • I will save more to spend better

Saving money “yes”, but “for what”? 2020 will be the year of sustainable projects; finish the day-by-day life, I will start to think long-term!

  • I won’t settle until I find my happy place 

For those who know me, that is not a secret that love was the main concern when travelling abroad, but unfortunately, my heart could not settle in. May 2020 bring its share of happiness and love, guiding me in my quest of “happy place”.

That being said, I wish you all a fabulous 2020!

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