Incredible India! The best places to see in Jaipur

Welcome to the capital of Rajasthan, also known as the “Pink City”! You will find below my selection of the best places to see in Jaipur, and also some travel tips to make your trip even more special!

But before going through this list, let me share with you a small anecdote. Here is my first photo while arriving in Jaipur, as you will soon realize that every single hotel in the city has a Door Man wearing this specific traditional attire! It is so colourful and stylish that I could not resist showing you mine too! Okay now, let’s begin the city tour to the best places in Jaipur!


On the way to the City Palace in Jaipur, your eyes will certainly cross this beautiful pink sandstone building from the 18th century.

The iconic “Palace of the Winds”, also known as Hawa Mahal, is one of the masterpiece monument in the capital of Rajasthan. This beautiful five-storey palace was historically built to facilitate the royal ladies and provide them with a view of everyday life through the 953 windows, as they were not allowed to appear in public.

Moreover, there is a belief that its pyramidal shape would have the same form of the crown of Krishna, the Hindu God.


  • You can mainly see the building beauty from the street itself. However, if you would like, you can enter and visit the Palace from inside.
  • Opening time: 9:30am to 5pm / Entrance fees for foreigners: 200 INR


On the way to the City Palace, you will go through decorated gates before entering the main monument. Travel is also taking the time to admire the art of past civilizations and marvel at every single detail – look at these sumptuous and colourful frescos with Maharajas!


  • Opening time: 9:30am to 5pm / Entrance fees for foreigners: 300 INR
  • For some extra fees, you will be able to discover the magnificent Royal rooms. Photography lovers, it is totally worth it if you have a wide-angle camera!

First of all, the visit begins by walking through the main hall, a very prominent orangish building built out of arches.

If you are curious enough, you will find a multitude of details in this area. From the portrait of the Kings hanged on the walls, to a demonstrative Gun sculpture, it is undoubtedly the two massive silver vessels – also known as Gangajalis – that will catch your attention! These historical pieces were used to transport Ganges water (4,000 litres each) for the Maharaja during his trip to Great Britain in 1902.

While entering the Palace itself, you will pass through a long corridor with portraits of the old Kings of Jaipur leading to an interior courtyard surrounded by incredible doors dedicated to the 4 seasons. The wall decorations are so precise and beautiful that you should really take a break there and just enjoy one of the best place to see in Jaipur!

Continue through another beautifully decorated gate and enter the premises of the Mubarak Palace. You won’t be able to take pictures inside, however, the place is simply stunning! 

Have a walk around the building and enjoy this jewel of architecture – have you spotted the unique details such as the Maharaja on the top of the elephant

To finish your visit, you can visit the museum of the Palace, filled with impressive battle paintings and war tools from the past. 


This yellow water Palace from the 18th century, located in the middle of Man Sagar Lake, is definitely one of the best places to see in Jaipur and known for its picturesque view surrounded by nature.


  • Have a walk by the riverside at sunset time and you will spot easily numerous birds flying and swimming around Jal Mahal Palace.
  • It is also the best place to support local artists and buy a cute souvenir from Rajasthan – you won’t find better deals in town!


Located few kilometres away from Jaipur, on the top of a hill, this magnificent Fort from the 16th century arises with its yellow massive walls. You will have to climb the stairs which lead to the main open-air courtyard before climbing even further to discover the sumptuous palace. From there, the panoramic view of the surroundings is just spectacular – you directly feel like in the old times!


  • Opening time: 8am to 5pm / Entrance fees for foreigners: 550 INR
  • Bring good shoes and be ready to walk a lot!
  • Local ladies will try to sell you handmade umbrellas at the entrance –  support locals and get a useful souvenir that will keep you sheltered from the sun during your visit.

The main gate to enter the Palace is simply a masterpiece when you look at all the details! It was so far my favourite place to see in Jaipur!

But then, when you enter you will realize the rich heritage that stands from the past! From floor to ceiling, there is not a single space without a beautiful embellishment!

Picturesque – that would be the word I would choose for this place! This courtyard embellished with sculpted garden in its centre was worth all the stairs to climb for!


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After long hours visiting the Amber Fort, do not leave with an empty stomach! A culinary experience awaits on the top of the Fort so be ready to feel like a Royal!

Indeed, from the classy atmosphere to the Indian Cuisine delicacies, this restaurant won’t disappoint! You will even dine with the massive King portrait in front of your table, surrounded by many celebrities’ framed pictures who visited the places such as President Bill Clinton or even Prince Charles of Wales!

Maybe only the bill will feel a little too extra honestly!! But it is only once in a lifetime so let’s indulge!

If you love the colour Blue, this place is for you! Choose between indoor and outdoor salons and indulge an international cuisine in this beautiful decor

Located in the premises of the oldest Palace Hotel in Jaipur – the Rambagh Palace – this restored Steam Engine has been transformed in a lounge where travellers can enjoy a classy atmosphere and experience going back in time! A surprising experience not to miss in Jaipur!

Thank you so much for reading this article, I hope you found all the information to help you plan your trip to the Golden Triangle and enjoy the capital of Rajasthan!

You will certainly be part of the 10 million tourists who come to visit the iconic Taj Mahal every year before taking the train to reach Jaipur! Also, your journey won’t be complete without discovering the capital of India, you can find all my travel tips to visit the most iconic places in Delhi here! Also, I highly recommend you to download the Best Travel Apps of 2020 for an even smoother experience! Wishing you a safe and wonderful journey!