The best places to see during a weekend getaway in Venice

Welcome to Venice, also known as the Floating City of Europe! If you are planning a weekend getaway to this fabulous town or still wonder if you should include it in your plans while visiting Italy, you will find in this article the answer to your questions and get to know the best places to see during your stay!

Venice is often considered as one of the most romantic cities in Europe, and if you are lucky to be going there with your loved one, it will surely be a special destination to build beautiful memories!

However, why should we wait for a specific season or person to travel somewhere? Life is too short not to make your dreams come true – so ladies, if he does not bring you to Venice, what are you waiting for?

Visiting Venice in winter could be a surprising choice as people often go during the summer, but honestly, you will enjoy the same charm of the town without the crowd! Moreover, Italians are known to be very welcoming, so as soon as you will step out of the plane, be ready for a smooth adventure!

a girl is sitting in the cockpit of a plane


Personally, I got to experience the Italian hospitality as soon as I landed in Venice, as I was curious enough to wonder if it could be possible to visit the cockpit of the plane, and guess what? The two pilots were such great gentlemen and offered to sit! So try your chance next time you fly to Venice!


Discover the iconic places of Venice

  • St. Mark’s Place 

Who can deny the charm of “Piazza San Marco” while putting the first foot in Venice? Every street details are such a wonderful piece of art. From the entrance itself – you will face giant pillars where symbolic creatures such as lions with wings represent St. Mark on its top. The river banks offer a magnificent view of the canal, embellished by floating black and royal blue gondolas. While walking along and crossing some historic bridges, you will encounter Italian art and souvenirs sellers – part of the Venetian landscape.

  • Doge’s Palace

For those travelling with a good budget, visiting Palaces in Venice are a must-do! The Doge’s Palace, also known as “Palazzo Ducale” remains an iconic one on St. Mark Place. Its beautiful outdoor architecture reveals gothic and renaissance style, while its indoor paintings unveil spectacular jewels of the 9th century!

Travel Tips

If you want to avoid the long waiting queue, you can book your tickets online. I highly recommend the services of Get Your Guide as it includes a guided tour of the Doge’s Palace and even the access to the rooftop terrace with an incredible view of the city!

  • St. Mark’s Basilica

Being the most impressive Byzantine church in Venice, this giant is located on the edge of St. Mark’s Place and reveals a very impressive facade embellished with gothic details and paintings. However, that is nothing to compare with its interior wall paintings that unveil the rich heritage of Italian art. 

Travel Tips

If you want to avoid the long waiting queue, you can book your tickets online through Get Your Guide and even benefit from discounted guided-tour packages including St.Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace.

  • St. Mark’s Campanile

Facing the Basilica and being one of the symbols of St. Mark’s Place, this orange tower with green top offers a fantastic panoramic view overlooking the city. Indeed, tourists can climb on its top, reaching almost its 98 metres high! (tickets available at the door for 8 euros per person)

Walkthrough the charming streets of Venice

For those who like walking, Venice will be the perfect destination to stroll along its charming streets and discover many details through your steps. From historical architecture to plenty of souvenirs shops, Venice will transport you to its magical universe!

  • Discover the beauty of Venetian Canals

Venice is known for its numerous canals forming a real labyrinth with a network of almost 50 kilometres! The most famous one is called the Grand Canal as it remains the largest one and cross the iconic Rialto Bridge.

By walking through the city and its small streets, you will get surprised at every corner and discover its rich heritage

If you choose to take a gondola ride, you will have the chance to navigate through small canals and discover the historical universe of Venice from a local point of view. 

Travel Tips

For those who travel to Venice on a budget but always dreamt of a Venetian gondola ride, Get Your Guide proposes a compromise with online tickets for small groups. 

  • Climb on the top of famous Rialto Bridge

Indeed, climbing this beautiful white bridge will offer you a breathtaking view! Between the historic architecture, colourful decor and wide-open scenery – your eyes won’t know where to look first as the romantic city landscape is simply magnificent!

  • Watch the sunset from the Grand Canal banks

To end your day tour, another romantic view awaits on the river banks, as the sunset lets appeared its pink colours on the background of Ste. Marie Basilica.

Escape for a day to Murano, Burano & Torcello islands

Because Venice has so much to offer, take the opportunity to explore its neighbour islands through a day tour by boat!

  • Visit a glass factory in Murano

While going on a boat tour, Murano island will be your first stop to discover one of the major Venetian crafts: the blown glass of Murano. The island is very famous for owning many factories featuring this traditional craftship, where artists create unique pieces of art, with many colours and shapes!

  • Explore the colourful village of Burano

Your journey will continue with the next stop to Burano island. Walking around the colourful streets of Burano was honestly one of the highlights of this short trip to Venice! 

  • Discover Ste. Marie’s Basilica in Torcello

Furthermore, the third and last stop of your boat tour will be on Torcello island – home to a nature reserve and the Ste. Marie’s Basilica. The Byzantine architecture and its remains acknowledge the great heritage from the past.

For those visiting in February, enjoy the Venetian Carnival celebrations!

The Carnival of Venice offers an original atmosphere to the romantic city – where locals and foreigners appear behind masks, feathers and fabulous costumes for the occasion! The next Venetian Carnival celebrations will be held from February 3rd to 13th, 2024 – find out more about this event on

So, I wish you a happy weekend getaway in Venice and do not forget to download the Best Travel Apps of 2023 to organize your trip!

I hope this article would have given you great insights for your next journey to Venice. Bon voyage!

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