A magical night at the Gaillac Lantern Festival

Gaillac welcomes its 3rd edition of the Lantern Festival – a joyful event to discover the heritage of China through a parc of four hectares. The colourful decors appear after sunset and make you travel through the culture and traditions of the different provinces of China.

Discover China through fabulous illuminations

Visitors will be instantly transported in the magical universe of Chinese festival – where giant lanterns illuminate the whole Parc Foucaud! From the entrance, a large alley embellished with giant flowers and their butterflies guide you to discover Chinese culture and traditions. You will be amazed by numerous pandas sitting in every corner, and even climbing on the top of a giant animated teapot, to present the Chinese tea session.

The visit continues and gets you immersed in magical and colourful decors of the different regions of China. Every scene describes traditional habits, where humans and animals coexist in harmony. The most impressive decor remains the Giant Buddha – a replica of Sichuan wonders – with its 75-meter long surrounded by lavish nature elements and animated waterfalls. Furthermore, the famous Wall of China is part of the show and you will have to face the big dragon to access the other side of the parc!

While walking down, the magic continues and visitors will soon be face-to-face with another impressive dragon, highlighted by a game of mirrors on the water. This legendary animal has always been part of the Chinese festival celebrations – the symbol of strong power and good fortune!

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Indeed, the Chinese New Year will fall on 25th January 2020 and we will enter the Year of Metal Rat. Gaillac Lantern Festival naturally underlined this event by showcasing the horoscope of every zodiac signs.

China but not only – the Lantern Festival holds some surprises

However, the other side of the parc unveils a whole different universe, where the young ones will be certainly amazed! Walk between the alleys and discover floral decors, a large variety of animals and even return into the past with impressive animated dinosaurs (fearful must refrain!) – the most unexpected attraction!

Gaillac in the spotlight

Finally, the visit ends with a wink at the town of Gaillac – local visitors will be delighted to find lanterns highlighting the South West region of France – where traditional decors meet iconic buildings such as the Viaduc of Viaur.

To sum up this event, the Gaillac Lantern Festival is a family-friendly event and a wonderful invitation to discover cultures and diversity!


  • You can purchase your tickets online to avoid the long waiting queue at the entrance.
  • The car parking is located few kilometres outside the town – but do not worry, they have bus shuttles every 15 minutes bringing you directly to the event – keep in mind the last one is at 11 pm!
  • Be ready to face the cold weather as the whole event is outdoor so bring your winter clothes to keep you warm all night!


Festival des Lanternes de Gaillac – France

Open every day from 6 pm to 11 pm

(December 1st, 2019 to 31st January 2020)

More info: festivaldeslanternes-gaillac.fr / Facebook / Instagram